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On February 1st 2013, the Information and Network Center and Library merged together and shared the same official title, Library & Information Center (hereinafter referred to as LIC). LIC is located in the center of the campus and consists of six divisions.

LIC provides high-speed network services for all educational and administrative buildings with gigabit campus backbone. Each and every classroom, office, or dormitory room is equipped with ports for connecting to the Internet. Furthermore, faculty, students, and staff can access wireless networks through hotspots deployed in educational and administrative areas. It also provides various popular network services, including DNS, WWW, E-mail, Proxy, FTP, BBS, News, Webmail, to name a few.

LIC is in charge of developing and maintaining the campus information systems for efficient operations of academic and student affairs. Most of the information systems for the university are developed and maintained by the staff members of LIC. LIC also manages seven personal computer classrooms for teaching, practical training, and other uses. There are around 400 desktop computers in these PC classrooms currently.

The center currently serves as a regional network center of TANet (Taiwan Academic Network) supported by the Ministry of Education. It is also a regional GigaPoP of TWAREN (TaiWan Advanced Research and Education Network) supported by the National Center for High-Performance Computing.

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