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Network Service

Computer network in the campus has 5 Gbps band. Each office, classroom and dormitory is connected to computer network (10/100MB or 1GB speed).

Wireless network is available through hotspots deployed in educational and administrative areas. To log in wireless network, please use your NDHU email and password.

Personal Computer Classroom (hereinafter referred to as PC room)

There are seven PC rooms located in the campus, total number of computers is around 400.

Two PC rooms (room B105 & B106) are located in LIC. One PC room (room B213) is located in Humanities and Social Sciences Building II. Two PC rooms (room E108 & E112) are located in Science and Engineering Building II. Two PC rooms (room B217 & B220) are located in Hua-Shih Education Building. One of them will open for public use.

Free Printing Quota

The 100 pages quota for free printing assigned to each faculty member, staff, and student each academic year (from August 1st to July 31st the following year), and used in the public-use PC room.

The entire quota shall be used within the valid period, i.e. unused quota will not be added up to the following academic year.

Campus Licensed Softwares

NDHU campus licensed softwares are offered in NDHU campus network for the faculty, students, and staff of NDHU. All licensed softwares are for campus academic and educational use.

Please log on《Campus software download User Login panel》to download the software you need. Illegal downloading or duplicating copyright-protected work are prohibited.

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